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Wholesale Hands Free Dog Leash with Removable Fanny Pack

Hands Free Dog Leash with Removable Fanny Pack In Stock

Hot Sales & Practicality Hand-Free Waist Leash (LSH-09)

The dog leash waist is an indispensable item for modern dog lovers, experiencing high demand and popularity on Amazon, particularly in the European and American markets. This innovative dog running leash caters to the needs of individuals who seek a hands-free solution for walking their dogs. The dog waist leash also features a high-capacity fanny pack function, enhancing the overall outdoor experience. This design not only addresses the practical requirements of pet owners during outdoor activities but also promotes a more relaxed and enjoyable time spent with beloved pets. Drawing on years of leash expertise, our focus extends beyond practicality, incorporating safety and comfort considerations. We are confident that waist leash for dog walking will provide dog lovers with a more convenient, safe, and enjoyable pet companion experience.

To meet the surging market demand for this innovative and practical pet leash, we have invested significantly in research and development, ensuring an abundant stock of the hand-free dog leashes. This proactive approach enables our customers to obtain the product they need promptly, eliminating the need for extended waiting periods. Our well-prepared inventory can accommodate sudden increases in market demand, minimizing the risk of capital turnover. The Waist Dog Leash is available in three popular stock colors: neon green, orange, and black, allowing dog owners to choose based on personal preferences or the personality of their pet. Additionally, we offer light customization options such as rubber PVC labels, reflective labels, woven labels, epoxy stickers, and packaging with head cards/backing cards or colorful paper boxes. For further details on this double dog leash, please contact us. We are committed to delivering high-quality services and competitive prices.

More details of this double dog leash as the following:

Help Free Your Hands

With this length adjustable waist dog leash, you can enjoy a phone call or a cup of coffee while you walk your dog through the neighborhood. Keep your hands free and you'll love walking the dog, running or hiking with them. our handsfree leash is with a removable fanny pack, which is compact and lightweight, but meanwhile perfectly store the poopbag, your key, card, smart phone and earphone. When the pouch is removed, the dog walking leash becomes a comfortable padded handle dog leash.

Shock Absorbing Bungee

Our dog waist belt is designed to effectively absorb shock and resist the pulling force exerted by dogs. As the hands-free leash experiences tension and is pulled, the elastic bungee's resistance increases, signaling a natural stopping point. Over time, this process contributes to the gradual training of your dog. This running leash is crafted to minimize stress and muscle strain on both your hands and your furry companion, ensuring the well-being of both. With the incorporated bungee, our waist dog leash spans 5 feet and extends up to 6 feet, providing flexibility for a comfortable and controlled walking or running experience.

Adjustable Bungee Waist Leash

Our Adjustable Bungee Waist Leash is a versatile solution suitable for both men and women. The 1-inch wide waistband is designed to accommodate a broad range of waist sizes, ranging from 34 inches to 45 inches. This ensures a comfortable and secure fit for various body types, allowing you to enjoy a hands-free running or walking experience with your canine companion.

Be Safe And Visible At Night

Ensure safety and visibility during nighttime activities with our dog leash waist walker. This innovative leash is equipped with highly reflective threading, enhancing visibility for both you and your furry companion during those late-evening runs. The reflective elements add an extra layer of security, making your outings not only enjoyable but also safer in low-light conditions.

Order Terms
  • Blank Label Ordering: We offer the option to order between 50 to 1000 blank labels, based on the existing design, with no modifications required.
  • Private Brand Customization: The minimum order quantity for private brand customization is 100 to 1000 pieces.
  • Production Lead Time: Typically, we require 15 to 30 days to fulfill your order.
  • Packaging Options: We provide a variety of packaging choices, including standard individual packaging in blank bags. Additionally, we can offer options such as header cards, cardboard boxes, plastic blister packs, backer cards, and more. The specific packaging costs
  • will be negotiated based on your preferences.
  • Shipping Methods: We support multiple shipping methods, including sea freight, air freight, railway transportation, and various express services (such as FEDEX, UPS, DHL, EMS, TNT, etc.). Please confirm your chosen shipping method with us before placing an order. We promise on-time delivery as our commitment to our customers.
  • Payment Methods: We accept several payment methods, including PayPal, debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfers.
  • Customization Services: We offer customization options, allowing you to add your own brand logo and design. Furthermore, we provide services such as printing, embroidery, plate-making, and badge production. The related setup costs will be discussed separately based on your specific requirements

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