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Custom Pet Tags Manufacturer

Pet Tags

Customized Pet ID Tags Manufacturer, Wholesale Unique Dog Tags, Wholesale Dog Tags Suppliers

The customized pet ID tags in Brilliant are available in plenty of sizes, shapes, and material choices, like bronze, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, silicone, rubber PVC and so on. They are handled by skilled workers for perfect details, polished to smooth without any hurt to pets. We are a professional custom pet tag manufacturer. The customized logo / words can be made to the pet tags as engraved, silkscreen or offset printed, stamped with enamel colors and more. In addition, the eco-friendly colors with more options are available here. And some special decorations like glitter color, luminous color, rhinestones etc. Please check the information below to get more most professional custom solutions.

Plating Color Chart
Metal Pet Tag Plating Board
Open Design

Besides the custom designs, we also prepare some unique open designs with free die charge for option, for more details, please check as below:

Metal Pet Tag Open Designs Existing Styles Pet Tags

Pet Tags

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Pattern Bronze / Iron Pet Tag - Pattern Enameled Bronze / Iron Pet Tag
Pattern Bronze / Iron Pet Tag

The pattern bronze/ iron pet tags come with a variety of different processes for customization,...

Pattern Zinc Alloy Pet ID Tags - Pattern 3D Zinc Alloy Pet Tag
Pattern Zinc Alloy Pet ID Tags

Pattern zinc alloy pet ID tags are ideal for wholesale orders with custom 3D designs, multi-layered...

Pattern Stainless Steel Pet Id Tags - Pattern Bone Shape Stainless Steel Pet Tag
Pattern Stainless Steel Pet Id Tags

As a wholesale pattern pet id tag supplier offering high-quality pattern stainless steel pet ID tags...

Pattern Aluminum Pet Tag - Pattern Anodized Aluminum Pet Tag
Pattern Aluminum Pet Tag

Order wholesale pattern aluminum pet tags from brilliant as a promotional or fundraiser idea!...

Pattern Acrylic Pet Tag - Pattern Animated Acrylic Pet Tag
Pattern Acrylic Pet Tag

Our pattern acrylic pet tags are free of mold charge for any different size, unique shape and cutout,...

Pattern Dog Collar Nameplate - Pattern Rivet On Dog Tag
Pattern Dog Collar Nameplate

The pattern dog collar nameplates can be ordered in any custom size and shape with low MOQ....

Result 1 - 6 of 6

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Brilliant International Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer located in Dongguan, Guangdong, specializing in custom pet products and promotional gifts. Established in 1984, Brilliant utilizes extensive factory resources and advanced manufacturing techniques to deliver a wide range of products, including Pet Tags, custom pins, metal badges, various patches, and pet supplies. Committed to quality and innovation, Brilliant adheres to stringent global standards such as CPSIA and FDA, ensuring premium products for global brands and retailers. With a customer-focused approach, Brilliant strives to provide customized solutions and reliable service, reinforcing its position as a leader in the custom products industry.

Brilliant International specializes in custom pet products, metal crafts and promotional gifts. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, they provide professional OEM services and ensure products meet global safety standards. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and extensive experience allow them to handle high-volume orders with precision and efficiency. Adherence to stringent global standards such as CPSIA, Prop 65, and FDA ensures that every product not only meets, but exceeds customer expectations. Choose Brilliant as your trusted partner for high-quality, durable, and customizable products designed to enhance your brand's visibility and market reach.

Brilliant has been offering customers ethical promotional gifts and pet products, both with advanced custom design skills and 40 years of experience, Brilliant ensures each customer's demands are met.