Double Dog Leash No Tangle, Two Dog Leash Splitter For Medium/ Large Dogs (LSH-05) | Find the Perfect Dog Collar: Comfortable, Safe, and Fashionable

Double Dog Leash Large Dog Heavy Duty | Wholesale pet supplies for business buyers

Double Dog Leash Large Dog Heavy Duty

Double Dog Leash For Medium And Large Dogs In Stock

Double Dog Leash No Tangle, Two Dog Leash Splitter For Medium/ Large Dogs (LSH-05)

Dual Control Bliss for Medium and Large Dogs with Our Premium Double Dog Leash.
Have you ever been in such a frustrating situation: Two beloved dogs tripping over each other and getting tangled up while walking together? Has your mood suddenly changed for the worse? We think about what you think: we offer you this professionally designed double dog leash with all our heart and soul, which is definitely what you are looking forward to have!

Our leashes have many advantages as follows:
The leash is made of high quality, highly durable nylon material with a sturdy construction for extreme tensile strength, suitable for medium to large sized dogs, This dual dog leash is made of high-quality nylon material and features non-toxic, non-slip, anti-crewing, anti-aging construction can be used for years without worrying about safety hazards.

We offer ready-to-ship wholesale services and currently have a variety of colors in stock including red, blue, neon green and black. Whether you're training your dogs for socialization or simply walking two dogs at once, this double dog leash splitter will be your top choice.

Tangle-Free Dual Dog Leash for Unrestricted Movement

Our 2 dog leash is designed with a center welded joint o-ring that can rotate 360 degrees freely, effectively preventing the leash from twisting and tangling,providing your dogs the freedom to move from side to side without leash entanglement.

Adjustable Length Dual Dog Leash Splitter for Customized Walking

Our double leash splitter offers adjustable lengths from 18 to 29 inches, catering to your dog's size and giving them ample space to walk comfortably alongside you.

Enhanced Night Safety with Reflective Stitching on Double Dog Leash Coupler

The double leash has three rows reflective stitching at the center of leash, can enhance the visibility of the dog in the traffic environment, reduce the incidence of accidents. It allows the dog owner to easily identify the location and direction of their lovely dogs, and also increases the recognition and visibility of the dog to drivers and passers-by, It's like an extra layer of protection for dogs walking at night, and makes night-time dog walking so enjoyable.

Exceptional Durability: Long-Lasting Nylon and Quality Alloy Hardware

The leash also features two 360-degree swivel hooks at the end of each leash to comfortably fit your dog's collar or harness, adjust the buckle to get the right length allows for a perfect fit regardless of the different sizes of your two dogs. Make your walking experience hassle-free and tangle-free with more controlled walks for your dogs.

Order Terms
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for double dog leashes is 50 pcs.
  • Shipping and Delivery Time: We offer prompt shipping for all orders.
  • Standard delivery time is 15~30 days, but it may vary depending on your location and order quantity.
  • Payment Methods: We accept the following payment methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer, and Credit Cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
  • Customized Logo and Packaging Services: We offer the option to customize the Double Dog Leash with your logo or branding. Please provide us with your logo design in a high-resolution format. Customized packaging with your branding is also available at an additional cost. We will provide you with a customized quote.

If you are in need of wholesale double dog leashes, please contact our sales team. We'll provide you with the most competitive prices and attentive service.

Size Chart
LengthWidthNet WeightSuitable Dog Size
Medium and Large Dogs

Wholesale Double Dog Leash For Medium And Large Dogs (Ready Stock)


Double Dog Leash Large Dog Heavy Duty | Ultimate Dog Harness Guide: Safety and Comfort in One

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