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Featured Metal Pet Tags. | High quality Wholesale and Pattern Pet Products & Pet Accessories Manufacturer. Brilliant’s Pet Products are compliable with CPISA/ EN71-3 safety standard and our factory passes Sedex, Disney, McDonald’s Ethical auditing.

Featured Metal Pet Tags.

What's The Difference Of Colorful Metal Pet Tags?

Most of our pet tags are in a variety of metal types, featured with eye-catching appearance. You can easily find silver tags in various styles, they may be stainless steel tags or nickel-plated bronze/iron tags, all of them match stainless steel hardware. Pet tags with golden appearance are also very popular and easily achieved in Brilliant. They could be the color of bronze itself, fake gold or genius gold plated, matching bronze hardware. Both of our gold and nickel-plated tags are highly polishing by hand, looking very shiny and much upscale.

If you're looking for a matte feeling tag with less shine, turn to Brilliant! We can help you realize it very easily. Satin gold, satin silver, satin nickel, or shinny plating color with foggy painting and more options are available for your choice.

More Pet Tag Colors For Option

Pet tag in antique plating shows a retro feel. There are antique gold, antique silver, antique copper, antique nickel, antique bronze etc. to choose from. The enamel colors, which match to Pantone color chart, are also available for filling on recessed logo/area, we can even spray the enamel paint to cover the whole tag body to make unified color.

We can also offer pet tags in aluminum, which are extremely lightweight and flexible, and the engraving letters on the body come out in white for a unique look. Aluminum pet tags can also be with colorful feeling, besides the traditional printing way, environmentally friendly anodizing is workable.

In Brilliant, there is no limitation for pet tag customization, welcome you to reach us for new business opportunity!

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What's The Difference Of Colorful Metal Pet Tags? - Featured Metal Pet Tags. - Wholesale Manufacturer of Dog and Cat Accessories for 30 Years | Brilliant

Based in Taiwan since 2002, Dongguan Brilliant International Co., Ltd. has been a pet tag, pet leash and collar manufacturer. Their main dog and cat accessories, include Dog Collars and Leashes, Dog Harness, Dog Collar Nameplates, Dog and Cat Tags, Dog and Cat Bowls, Dog Carriers, Dog Toy, Dog Apparel, which meet international safety standards.

Brilliant is a one-stop dog and cat accessory manufacturer. The strict system (XRF analyzer and SGS), green label, and strong teamwork have allowed them to pass various audits & obtained many worldwide famous brands licensing such as Disney, McDonald, Walmart, NBC Universal Studio, etc. Specialized at custom design dog leash, collar, harness and offered one shop solution for Pet Products in short time based on sufficient capacity. All our Pet products can comply world safety standard such as CPSIA, Prop 65, FDA, EN71-1, CE, ROHS, etc.

Brilliant has been offering customers custom and personalized dog and cat accessories, both with advanced custom design skills and 18 years of experience, Brilliant ensures each customer's demands are met.